How To Boost Your Immunity System With Zink?

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Zinc is a mineral, which is essential for the work of the body. It is metal and it’s located in the ground where it is taken by plants, which convert it in organic shape in the food and greens. The animals are eating the plants, so the minerals that we usually consume are those that are found in the meat and milk of the animals.

The men kind is actually a mixed food, because it takes the plant, meat, milk, eggs, etc.

Zinc sources include grains, beans, peas, green beans, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, grape juice, brewer’s yeast, meat , fish, liver, oysters, as well as milk and eggs.

Every healthy person in this world needs to have his immunity system on a high or normal level. Zinc intake is one of the most important minerals in the body. It is important in maintaining immunity and resistance to infection of various cells and has the same role and vitamin C in the treatment of colds and flu. Zink deficiency makes both man and women infertile and causes low libido.

How To Boost Your Immunity System With Zink?

How To Boost Your Immunity System With Zink?

Zink role in the body is:

  •  Maintenance of immunity;
  • Production of proteins and DNA;
  • Growth and development of children and during pregnancy;
  • Wound healing;
  • For men, zinc is important for the prostate and fertility;
  •  Women can alleviate premenstrual symptoms;
  • Strengthens bones, muscles and nails;
  •  Maintain  vision
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