Eat healthy like Jennifer Aniston

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If you want to accomplish your goal faster, it’s important to choose the right food that will help you burn fat faster.

The whole nutrition of the movie icon Jennifer Aniston is at the moment the most popular alimentary trend with high use of proteins.

Proteins help in building and forming of the body but they also control the appetite and speed up your metabolism.   The fast metabolism will help you burn more calories and also in losing the weight that has been deposited in your body.

Here are some of those nutritive products: lean, beans, soy, milk, eggs, nuts, peanut butter, cheese etc.

Today’s star Jennifer Aniston enjoys rich protein food which helps her have a perfect look.


Eat healthy like Jennifer Aniston

Eat healthy like Jennifer Aniston

Here are some varieties for a healthy breakfast according to the recipe of Jennifer Aniston:

Smoothie in a bowl in which you can add:

  • coconut oil,
  • coconut  flakes,
  • almonds,
  • urma,
  • goji  berries
  • coconut milk

She also consumes a bowl of strawberries and blended sour cream or Greek yogurt and enters more freshness in her breakfast.

Also she doesn’t forget the pudding from chia seed, that can be prepared a day earlier with yogurt or milk mixed with fruit.


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